FORKLIFT TECH includes FREE Train the Trainer

OSHA does NOT certify, accredit or approve any Trainers for forklifts or training programs.

The EMPLOYER is responsible for OSHA compliant forklift operator training.

The EMPLOYER chooses who will do the evaluation of their operators on the employer’s equipment at the employer’s work site.

A potential Trainer should be a person “who has extensive knowledge, training and experience on forklifts.

The Trainer should have demonstrated the ability to train and evaluate powered industrial truck operators.”

FORKLIFT TECH is compliant with the OSHA Standard 1910.178 for Powered Industrial Trucks.

Why Online Forklift Training and Certification from FORKLIFT TECH ?

Because it’s Easy, Quick, Convenient, Inexpensive!

Having your employees leave work to attend a forklift training class offsite is time consuming and costly.

With Online Training, your employees can train any where at any time. It’s available on any of your mobile devices 24/7!

They can stop and start in small increments and train during lunch breaks, or at home at night and on the weekends.

FORKLIFT TECH is compliant with the OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Standard 1910.178(l)